Woll Cookware

Woll Cookware

Woll cooking products are premium Germancookware. Each Woll is hand-made in the company's factory in Germany, chill-cast in a stress-relieved process without any air inclusions that lessen the quality of the pan.

Woll's Diamond Plus cookware line is then coated with diamond crystals and a non-stick coating for both a highly durable and healthy low-fat cooking surface. Woll's Titanium NOWO line is a titanium reinforced non-stick cookware with detachable handle that metal utensil safe.

Woll is dedicated to quality and the handcrafted tradition; no Woll products are mass-produced or outsourced. The high-quality alloy that makes up Woll cookware is produced in a German smelting plant, and the application of diamond crystals involves a 20,000?C hot plasma jet, using a patented, high-tech method. This dedication to quality, durability, and originality through every step of the process ensures that each Woll product comes out with an individual seal of approval - the TUV GS mark that indicates the product was safety tested, and the TUV Q mark representing its tested quality.

Since 1979, Woll has been dedicated to both providing a quality product and embracing its social responsibility by training young people and providing valuable jobs to its local community. Their methods combine innovative technology with traditional craftsmanship, ensuring that their products can be enjoyed for many years.

Woll products are cast for optimal thermal absorption and heat distribution. The extra-strong cast bottom prevents distortion, even at extreme temperatures. Woll cookware is suitable for gas, electric, ceramic, glass, and halogen cooktops. It is also dishwasher and metal utensil safe, and even oven safe up to 260? C / 500? F. Additionally, all Woll products are PFOA-free.

Woll NOWO Cookware Line
Woll Diamond Plus Cookware Line