freedomRail Closet Systems

Organized Living designed their freedomRail closet system to be fully adjustable and customizable for any space. A freedomRail closet begins with hanging rails and uprights, and then you add shelf brackets, closet shelves, clothing rods and other accessories to complete a closet system that meets all your storage needs. You can also add Organization Boxes, or O-boxes for short, to a closet if you need storage drawers, cubbies, or shelves. Below are links to additional information such as how to select and order freedomRail products, an image gallery where you can see a variety of closet designs in different finishes, and our tool that can help you build the ideal closet for your space and storage requirements. You can also check out additional freedomRail categories such as the garage storage system, and pre-designed closets that feature popular closet layouts that can be purchased as a kit instead of ordering individual components.

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