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    Losing track of time is a real concern for avid gardeners or outdoor enthusiasts. Make sure to keep track of the time while weeding the flower beds or enjoying a mid-morning breeze out on the patio with help from an outdoor clock. Simply mount one of our lovely patio clocks to the side of your home, garage, or even on a nearby tree so you can keep one eye on the time while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Our clocks are completely weather-resistant for reliable use all-year long while exposed to the elements. These timepieces are available in a wide range of styles in several fade-resistant colors to add eye-catching style to your outside entertaining area. Several of our outdoor clocks have matching patio thermometers, allowing you to keep on eye on the temperature as well as the time while coordinating your outdoor decor. A couple of combination units are available so you can view the current time and temperature in one central location. Tip: place a combination unit outside of the kitchen window so you can view the device while washing dishes or cooking.

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