Wardrobe Lift Information

Wardrobe Closet Lift Technical and Installation Information

Determine the inside width of your wardrobe area (distance between vertical closet panels). Mount unit to side panels of closet using the screws provided. Distance from the back wall should allow for the hanging rod to have at least 12 inches of depth from the back wall. If your panels are not deep enough you can mount the unit closer to the back wall and a clip (included) can be used to hold the hang rod further away from the wall. Closet rod, arms and handle are chrome steel. The overall height of the entire unit including the plastic housing is 34 5/8 inches but the pivot point is at approximately 30 inches. Which means you need approximately 36 inches of clearance in from of where the closet bar is mounted in order to pull your clothing down so you can easily access them.

Material: Arms and rod - Steel; Housing: Plastic

Color: Housing - Black; Arms and rod - Chrome

Diameter: Wardrobe tube: (7/8 inch) or 22 mm

Height: (33 1/16 inch) or 839 mm

Load Bearing Capacity: 26 pounds or 12 kg - Heavy Duty Unit 33 pounds or 14.97 kg

Installation: Attaches to closet sides with screws. Optional poles are available for higher installation Spacers included to provide optional distance between the back wall and the hangers.