Walking Cane FAQs

How much weight will a cane support?

The one piece Crook Handle Cane (pictured here) will always be the strongest cane, safely supporting up to 250 pounds. It is designed for people who have to put their full weight on the cane. Our two piece walking canes, with metal band connectors, are designed primarily for style and are not meant to be used as weight bearing canes. These two piece canes can support up to 250 pounds.

Which side should my cane be used?

In most cases canes are designed to be used in the hand that is on the opposite side of your injured leg, foot or hip. For example, if the left leg is causing you problems, the cane should be used in the right hand.

What should the height of my cane be?

The following instructions will guide you though properly measuring and cutting your cane for a proper fit:
NOTE: These instructions can also be found on the hang tag included with each cane.
  • Remove the rubber tip from the bottom of the cane.
  • Turn the cane upside down.
  • On the side of your body opposite your injury, place the can against your hip.
  • With a slight bend in the elbow, mark the cane where it meets your wrist bone.
  • Cut the cane to the height marked and replace the tip.
  • Be sure to consult a medical professional to determine proper cane height for your individual condition.