Ventilated Wire Closet Shelving Gallery

Laundry Room with Tight Mesh Shelving Linen Closet with Tight Mesh Shelving
In this laundry room shelving example you can see 12 Inch Support Braces attach to the wall to support longer shelving spans. The support braces are secured to the wall with Tri-Loc Wall Anchors. In this linen closet example you can see End Mounting Brackets holding the end of the tight mesh wire shelves securely to the side walls. All our wire shelving is secured to the back wall using Versa Clips.
Wire Shoe Shelves with Tight Mesh Shelving Pantry Using Vertical Support Poles and Tight Mesh Shelving
In this shoe shelf example you can see our Shoe Shelf Support Bracket holding inverted 12 Inch Tight Mesh Shelving to create plenty of shoe storage even for a shoe fashionesta. In this pantry example you can see a perfect use for Vertical Support Poles. The poles support stacks of wire shelves using Adjustable Shelf Clips instead of shelf braces.
Open Slide Shelving Reach-In Closet
This closet example shows the advantage of 12 Inch Open Slide Shelving which allows hangers to slide from one end of the shelf to the other without interruption, making it easier for you to retrieve your clothing. It's like having a shelf and closet rod in one cost effective shelf. This reach-in closet example shows the use of most of our wire shelving components. With both Open Slide and Tight Mesh shelving along with shoe shelves and support poles these components work together to create a truly organized closet.