Store Wall Installation

Store Wall Installation

One person installation

Step 1: Draw a line at lowest point you want the storeWALL

Step 2: Place the first panel on this line and screw in place (make certain storeWALL is level and plumb)

Step 3: Place second panel NEXT to the first panel and screw panel in place

Step 4: Continue adding panels until the first row is complete.

Step 5: Begin second row panels on top of first row and screw panels in place.

Quick Tips

  • Use #6 bugle-head screws

  • No need to pre-drill or counter-sink.

  • If installing over drywall use 1-5/8" (or longer) #6 bugle-head scews

  • Cuts cleanly and easliy with standard woodworking tools

Quick Tricks

  • Join panel ends over studs to maximize load capacity

  • Use a running bond (brick layer) pattern to minimize seams

  • Optional color matched screws available

  • Optional color matched U-caps available (panel edge trim)

  • Minor surface scratches or blemishes can be removed with a paper towel dampened with Acetone (read and follow label directions)

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