Stock Status Information Box

Stock Status

For the convenience of our customers, each item page features our current stock level for that item. For items with multiple items the stock status is displayed for each item as the item is selected in the drop down menu. Please see our definitions for our stock levels below:

In Stock: These items are in our warehouse and available to ship during this hour.

Low Stock: These items are still available but the inventory level is low so it may be sold out within 24 hours. Please order right away to ensure that you receive these items while they are still in stock.

Out of Stock: These items are not currently not in stock, but may still be ordered. The item will be backordered until it is received at our warehouse, at which time it will ship to you. Back orders are a priority in our shipping department and most back orders a filled within two weeks.

May Ship From Manufacturer: These items may not be in our stock but can be drop shipped directly from our vendor. Please allow at least an extra week for these items to ship.

Call For Stock Status: These are usually items, such as kits, that are made of multiple items, and are usually for purchase.

Back Ordered: When we know an item will be out of stock for an extended period of time we flag in in our system and the Back Ordered message appears in the stock status along with an expected date. The item may still be ordered and it should ship around the time noted.

Feel free to contact our customer service department by phone at 1-800-210-7712, chat or email at for exact stock levels or if you have any questions regarding Stock Status. Please note that our stock status is not a guarantee that we have the item in stock. A large order or multiple orders in the same hour could wipe out our stock at any time.