Ordering Your Wire Shelving

Not only is it versatile and cost effective, Profile Wire Shelving is also the strongest storage shelving in the industry and uses the most reliable hardware and brackets available. Various shelf depths are available to fit your application, and the shelves are sold by the foot and custom cut to fit your exact specifications.

Choose from two styles of shelving:
Open Slide Shelving
Open Slide

Open slide shelving is ideal for coat and bedroom closets. The unique design allows your hangers to slide the entire width of the shelf. Open Slide Shelves also feature a flat shelf surface above the hanging rail for extra storage for accessories, sweaters or boxes.
Tight Mesh Shelving
Tight Mesh

Perfect for pantries, linen closets and anywhere you need a flat sturdy shelf, the Tight Mesh Wire Shelves feature twice the cross members as traditional wire shelves. This unique design provides more stability and less of a waffling effect on folded clothing or linens.

Hardware Information:
The appropriate number of Versa Clips (which hold the shelf to the back wall) can be figured by dividing the number of inches your is and dividing by 10 and then adding one or two to account for the corners and a couple hold down clips (mounted on top of the back wire for hanging shelves). Plastic End Caps will be included with your wire shelving. You can purchase additional hardware if needed.

If you plan to use your wire shelving in a closet or corner where one or both ends of the shelf will meet a wall, you will need to use End Mounting Brackets to hold the front ends of the shelf to your walls. If your walls are out of square, you should use Angled Mounting Brackets.

For stacks of three or more shelves, use Support Poles every 36" along the width of the shelving. Shelf Clips will hold your wire shelves to these Support Poles.

For open-end shelves that are not stacks, use a coordinating size Shelf Support Brace on each end that does not meet a wall. Shelf Support Braces must also be used every 36" along the width of your shelving. To provide maximum stability, you will want to support every 36" of shelving with a Shelf Support Braces.

Measuring Information:
wall on both sides
wall on one side
no side walls
Measure the space where you will install the shelf. Deduct one inch from the total width. This inch is to accommodate the End Mounting Brackets, and to allow for walls that are out of square. These brackets are sold separately, and hold the front edges of the shelf to the wall.
Measure the space where you will install the shelf. Round down to the nearest half inch, then deduct one half inch from that width. You will need one End Mounting Bracket for the wall end and one Shelf Support Brace for the open end to support the front of your shelf.
Measure the space where you will install the shelf. Make no deductions from the width. You will need at least two Shelf Support Braces to support the front of your shelf. Additional Shelf Support Braces will be necessary along the run of the shelf at least every 36".

Ordering Information:
Once you have determined the style of shelf, depth and width that will work best for your application, you are ready to order. Simply select your desired depth from the drop-down menu, enter the width (length in inches) that you need into the length field, and enter the number of shelves of that size into the quantity field.

Due to shipping restrictions, the maximum length of 20" deep shelves is 60", and the maximum length for shallower depths is 72".

If you choose the 12" depth and want shelves longer than 72", you can order the shelves in half lengths and use a Joiner Support Brace to connect the shelves together.

Once you have ordered your shelving, double check that you have added all the necessary hardware to your cart, and add any accessories that you would like.

If you have any questions about choosing or ordering your custom wire shelving, contact our customer service department at 248-656-3350.