Intermetro Shelving Assembly Instructions

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Metro Assembly Instructions 1

Assembly Step 1

Each InterMetro shelf comes with four sets of connector sleeves. These connectors are used to attach the shelf to the posts.
  • Locate the spot on the Intermetro Post where you want your bottom shelf to be.

  • Making sure that the smaller end of the sleeve is pointing toward the top of the post, snap a 2-piece connector sleeve around the post at your chosen height.

  • Make sure the ridge inside the connector snaps into the groove on the post.

  • Repeat this process, attaching a connector to all posts.

Assembly Step 2

  • Stand a shelf on its side as shown.

  • Working from the bottom side of the shelf, slide the post through the post hole.

  • Ensure that the plastic connector sleeve is securely seated in the post groove and does not move.

  • Repeat this step for all posts.
Note: the lip of shelf faces down. Make sure you insert the posts from the bottom of the shelf.
Metro Assembly Instructions 2

Metro Assembly Instructions 3

Assembly Step 3

  • After you have installed the poles into the bottom shelf, set the unit upright.

  • Press down on the shelf evenly and firmly, so that the holes in the shelf seat securely around the connectors.

  • Count the grooves on the poles to choose the positions of additional shelves and attach the connectors as in step 1.

Assembly Step 4

  • With the shelf unit upright, slide the next shelf down from the top over the sleeves (connectors) you have attached.

  • Seat this next shelf firmly as in Step 3.

  • Repeat installation proceedure for your remaining shelves, working from bottom to top.
Metro Assembly Instructions 4

Metro Assembly Instructions 5

Assembly Step 5

  • Once you have securely placed all of your shelves, adjust the shelf unit by turning the adjustable feet to ensure that your InterMetro Shelving Unit is safe and level.

  • If you are placing the shelving unit against a wall, position the front feet slightly higher than the feet in the back so the unit touches the wall at the top. This will help prevent tipping.

  • You're done! Wasn't that simple?

  • Now add some Intermetro Accessories to outfit your shelf unit.

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