Consult a Closet Designer

freedomRail CAD design The Organization-Store offers a truly custom closet design service that will take all of the guess work out of your closet makeover. Our professional closet designer will use state of the art computer aided design (CAD) software to create the perfect layout for your dream closet right before your eyes. Simply take the measurements of your closet and be prepared to discuss what you would like to see in your closet or what you need to store in the closet. Then our professional closet designer will work with you to create a custom closet system that fits all of your storage needs.

When a closet consultation is purchased, our designer will contact you within two business days to schedule an on-line appointment. During your closet design consultation you will be on the phone so that you can provide your input to the design process. Plus we will use a screen sharing program so you can see the designer's screen on your computer. The CAD program renders your new closet along with all the components in real-time. You will guide the design process and we will be there for help and advice. Or if you prefer, our designer will develop the entire design. You will see both a line drawing of your new closet and a color mock-up of your closet in your chosen wood and metal finishes.

The fee for the closet design consultation works as a deposit toward your new custom closet. We will credit you the price of the consultation when you purchase the closet materials. A complete list of components used in your closet design will be available for you, and usually all components can be shipped to your door. Please note, we can not ship our melamine closet system.

Why do I need a Closet Consultation?

  • Professional closet design advice allows you to get the most out of the closet space you have available.
  • The CAD closet design drawings are created to your exact specifications.and provide you a view of your new closet before you purchase.
  • The design will provide you with a list of materials needed to complete the job, and will simplify the order process.
  • Our knowledgeable staff offers installation advice and directions.

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Consult a Closet Designer
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