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Back to School Organization

Organization Tips for College, High School, Elementary School

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Cubby Hole Storage


College is a big step up from high school. Make the transition easier by getting your college student organized with our selection of organization products.
  • Use shelving and storage racks. The cubbyhole storage depicted on the left is multi-purpose and can store many different things. Put it up against a wall to store shoes, books, or bookbags.
  • Organize vertically. Place a flat screen TV above a desk or a bathroom organizer on the bathroom cabinet. A wall mounted pot rack installed on the ceiling can optimize precious kitchen space or a kitchen cart.
  • Take advantage of all available storage. Use a over the door shoe rack to store shoes and save space at the same time.
  • Use products with multiple uses. This bulletin board has a corked rear panel for leaving notes and reminders. The hooks can be used to hang keys or umbrellas, and there is a bin for holding mail. You can save space and money at the same time by getting more than one use out of a product.
  • Decorate dorm rooms and give them a personal touch. This will help turn a dorm room into a home away from home. This Urbio wall planter has a modern design and would liven up any room.
Check out our list of college dorm products for more ideas.
Kids Room With Desk

High School

High school students can benefit from learning organization so they are prepared for college. Teaching high school students to get organized ahead of time can help them perform better in school. We have many products to help your high school student complete their homework on time and with less distraction.
  • This hanging locker organizer can store papers, books, and school supplies.
  • Use a backpack with different sections to help them get prepared for school in the morning. Spider Large School Backpack is a good selection. The backpack comes with an organizer pocket, accessories pocket, and front pocket with a buckle.
  • Kids are very attached to their phones and computers, but this might come with the side effect of distracting them. Setting up a separate work space for doing homework can keep high school students from becoming distracted. The workspace set up on the left is an example.
Daily Closet Organizer

Elementary School

Getting an elementary student up for school in the morning can be a challenge. Organize their clothing and toys for a faster morning routine.
  • The hanging closet organizer pictured on the left is great for pre-planning your child's week. There are sections for each day of the week and the weekend.
  • Every parent knows the frustration of stepping on a stray kid's toy. Teach them to put their toys away in an organizer like the multi-bin toy organizer we carry.
  • Kids have busy lifestyles and are known to misplace a thing or two. We carry pencil boxes and school supply boxes so they can keep track of their writing utensils at school.