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    There's nothing like a killer accessory, like a bold scarf, to tie an outfit together. If you possess a scarf collection so large it makes Steven Tyler blush, you may need a scarf hanger or two to help keep your collection in order. Organize-It has a number of different scarf storage options to choose from to best suit your needs, not to mention help reduce clutter in your drawers or wherever you currently store your scarves. The 18 Hole Scarf Hanger, pictured to the left, has different sized compartments to store sheer neckerchiefs and bulky, thick winter scarves. Most of our scarf organizers are designed to hang from the closet rod among your garments and other clothing accessories. A couple of the scarf racks are designed to install on the side of the closet so you can can keep your scarves and other accessories stored out of the way. Organize-It also offers an over-the-door scarf rack so you can keep your scarves easily stored on the wardrobe or bedroom door.

    2 products
    Closet Scarf Organizer
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    Tie and Belt Hanger -10 Hook
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