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    Two-Level Clear Plastic Lazy Susan Turntable - 11 Inch
    Lazy Susans were traditionally called dumbwaiters until the turn of the century (early 1900s) when lazy Susan became popular (and the dumbwaiter term gradually became the common term for small elevators). Lazy Susan turntables are one of the most versatile organizers in a kitchen. They are great for displaying, serving, storing and organizing foods in the cupboard, on the table, and even in the refrigerator (depending on the type). Our Five Shelf Cabinet Lazy Susan is great for storing and organizing spices and herbs, and fits nicely in a narrow cupboard. The Two-Tier 10 Inch Lazy Susan Turntable has a non-slip surface to keep spices or other food items from tipping. We have an enormous selection of revolving serving plates to suit your entertainment needs. The Tempered Glass Lazy Susan tray makes a beautiful serving plate for cheeses and fruits. We also carry food carousels in glass, stainless steel, slate, and a variety of other materials.

    In addition to food storage, lazy Susans make great craft carousels. Sculptors and doll makers frequently use single-shelf kitchen carousels to hold their armatures while working. When tole painting, crafts love using them to hold cups and other items. Whether you need a cabinet tray or a revolving serving tray for entertaining guests, you should be able to find something in our generous selection.

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