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    Prolong the life of your childrens clothing by storing them in the closet or wardrobe with our selection of kid sized hangers. Little clothes may stretch out when placed on adult sized hangers, so we carry a small assortment of hangers that are perfectly sized to accommodate toddler and adolescent sized garments. Our kid sized clothes hangers are available in a wide selection of materials, colors, and shapes so you can choose the hanger that best suits your storage needs. Several of our hangers come with clips so you can pre-select entire outfits for your small child, making morning routines quick, easy, and stress-free. Several of our hangers have notches in the shoulders for the loops on kids clothing, ensuring dresses, tank tops, and other garments stay on the hanger rather than sliding to the floor. Organize-It even offers specialty hangers to store scarves, belts, and other clothing accessories so they are neatly stored instead of stuffed in a dresser drawer.

    1 product
    Kids Wood Clothes Hangers with Clips
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