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    The uses for our industrial shelving system are limited only by your imagination. This commercial grade steel shelving is an economical yet highly durable storage solution for industrial, business or residential use. With various sizes and shelf capacities from 400 to 2400 pounds per shelf (uniformly loaded), this is the most versatile shelving system we offer, and is suited for almost any application.

    Our line of industrial shelving allows you to customize your storage space to suit you best. The design of this steel shelving system allows you to easily add as your business grows or reconfigure as your needs change. Our industrial shelving requires a $100.00 minimum of shelving components for any order.

      This industrial shelving features:
    • Shelf capacities for almost every need.
    • Quick, easy assembly and disassembly with simple tools.
    • Economical.
    • Four way entry to all shelves.
    • Vertical shelf adjustment on 1-1/2 inch centers.
    • Full range of sizes for almost any need.
    • Manufactured in the United States.

    • Please call us for quotes on large orders or for shipping costs.

    For more ideas you can View Example Storage Shelving units here.
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