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    Hanger Organizers and Storage at Organize-It

    Hanger Organizers and Storage

    Make organizing your closet space a cinch by using these hanger organizers to keep your hangers neatly stored and organized. Organize-It offers several organizers to store empty clothes hangers in one convenient location so you never have to hunt through the closet when you are hanging up freshly laundered clothing. Some of the hanger organizers can easily be moved from the closet space to the laundry room so you can easily hang up clothing as soon as you remove them from the dryer to prevent any wrinkles from forming. A couple hanger holders and extenders are also offered so you can hang several hangers from one unit, allowing you to save space in the closet by storing clothing vertically. Other handy accessories are provided so you can organize any closet space. You can use the reacher hook to access out-of-reach clothing, the closet dividers to keep different types of clothing organized, and the pocket hanger to keep accessories stored right by matching garments.

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