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    Create a better garage storage plan with a modular garage wall organization system. Whip your garage into shape with the tough-as-nails steel Garage Grid or the durable PVC StoreWall wall organizer; both Garage Grid & StorWall garage wall organizing systems mount securely to most wall materials for easy installation. The modular design lets you pick and choose the organizers to suit your storage needs.

    Once you pick up your Garage Grid or StorWall, it's time to choose the garage organizers. Find sports racks, shelves, baskets, tool racks, and grid hooks for a completely custom garage storage wall. The Schulte Garage Grid organizer and the StorWall slatwall organizer are both compatible with the entire collection of Garage Grid & StorWall Accessories.

    Garage Grid & StorWall Garage Grid Accessories
    Garage Grid and Storwall Base The Garage Grid and StorWall form the base of this garage storage organization system. Try one steel grid or slatwall above a workbench for secure and accessible tool storage, or create an entire storage wall by mounting multiple grids or slatwalls next to each other. The modular storage wall design lets you choose your organizers later, configure them to your exact specs, and switch up the layout of your wall organizer any time your storage needs change. Garage Grid Accessories Once you choose your garage wall organizer base, go wild with accessories. The Garage Grid and StorWall accessories are made of durable powder-coat steel to stand up to years of heavy use. Use The Big Work Hook, The Grid Everything Hook, The Big Work Hook, and The Loop Hook for hand tools, power tools, and garden tools. If sports are your thing, check out The Fish Hook for fishing rods, The Sports Rack & Basket, The Ski Rack, The Bike Hook, and the rest of the sports organizers.
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