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    Furniture Arrangement and Templates

    Use these furniture placement templates to maximize the efficiency of any room in your household while offering a visually pleasing design. Choose the layout of your dining room, nursery, or even your outdoor patio without eye-balling the space or dealing with awkward measuring tapes. These heavy paper constructed furniture templates allow you to arrange and rearrange the layout of a room as many times as needed until you achieve the desired effect. These pre-printed drawings are designed to represent the furniture you will need in each room. For example, the dining room set offers templates for the table, chairs, and even a china cabinet. The paper constructed templates can be folded or cut to represent furnishings you already have or you would like to purchase. Several different sets are available so you can easily arrange the furniture in the bedroom, nursery, or even out on the patio, and adhesive templates are even offered so you can pre-arrange all your picture frames on the wall. These life-sized drawings are sure to make it easier to arrange furniture in any room of the household.

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