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    Protect and preserve your expensive furniture throughout the years by using our various furniture accessories. Organize-It offers furniture leg protectors and felt pads to prevent both furniture legs and hardwood flooring from getting scraped or otherwise damaged. We also offer self-stick furniture slides so you can easily slide tables, cabinets, and other furniture around the room without leaving marks or scraps behind on the floor. This allows you to redecorate or feng shui your home as desired. When your furniture pieces inevitably obtain scratches and other damage from years of use, the ReStor-It Wood Furniture Repair Kit allows you to repair any visible damage to make your furniture look like new. You can use wood soap, leather soap, and other protective cleaners to keep your furniture materials well preserved, protected, and looking like new even after decades of continuous use.

    1 product
    Self-Adhesive Felt Furniture Pads
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