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    "We didn't start the fire" .... but we know how to put it out! Place a fire extinguisher in your office, home, garage, or business space to ensure small fires can be dealt with before getting out of control. Don't be left empty-handed or rummaging through cabinets looking for a fire extinguisher when an emergency happens. These wooden cabinets are perfectly designed to house a large fire extinguisher so you can always find one when needed. Some storage cabinets feature a clear panel so you can see the fire extinguisher (not included) inside while the other cabinets display the words FIRE EXTINGUISHER and a picture of an extinguisher so you are never at a loss. You should have at least one fire extinguisher on each level of the building, with one close to the kitchen and one in the central hallway where it can be reached quickly from most any room.

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