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    Carports, Portable Garages, and Canopies at Organize-It

    Carports and Canopies

    Protect your vehicle from adverse weather conditions, leaves, bird droppings, tree sap, and other harmful elements with any one of our carports and instant garages. Organize-It offers a wide selection of carport kits in different sizes so you can easily park your camper trailer, large boat, family vehicle, or even your motorcycle underneath to keep it protected from the blazing sun, pouring rain, or winter blizzard. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a permanent structure, spend a fraction of the cost on an instant garage that offers the same protection along with the added benefit of mobility. An instant garage can add value to your property while offering added everyday convenience for the home owner. Most of our carports can double as shade canopies for outdoor parties, storage buildings, and so much more so you really buying three structures for the price of one. Our portable garage structures are a small investment that will deliver tremendous benefits.

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