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    Bathroom wastebaskets and trash cans at Organize-It

    Bathroom Wastebaskets and Trash Cans

    Check out a huge variety of bathroom wastebaskets to help hide away unsightly bathroom trash in what can become a cool little decorative part of your space. We offer small bathroom trash cans with lids that are great for literally making trash disappear until garbage day, and they are available in both sleek stainless steel and durable plastic, and an array of colors. For a bold statement you can check out a bathroom trash can with more modern finishes and designs, and for a bathroom decor that includes your favorite earth tones shop our selection of wicker and bamboo cans that offer a more natural look and feel. These wastebaskets are the ideal size for bathroom spaces, and will fit tucked away in a corner, alongside the toilet or vanity, and even in a cabinet space or below shelves in a linen closet.

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