Water Dispensers and Purifiers

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    Water Dispensers and Purifiers, 5 Gallon Water Bottle Storage Racks and more!

    Find Water Dispensers & Purifiers and many more great accessories for the best tasting water at home or at the office! Water purifiers ensure safe and tasty water with every glass, and we have a great selection! Instant hot water dispensers are great at home and at the office, they sit right on the countertop and allow you to have hot water for tea, coffee and more everyday.

    Countertop Water Dispensers

    Countertop Water Dispensers are a great new invention in appliances. They give you instant access to hot water whenever you want, without the need for a stove or microwave. We have a great selection from appliance expert Sunpentown and more. Some models include features such as multiple temperature selections, so you can really get the perfect temperature for the hot beverage of your choice, auto cleaning functions that use citric acid, and safety lock features. For your choice of styles, we have stainless steel, white, beige and more! Keep one of these water dispensers at work or at home for an instant caffeine fix anytime of day.

    5 Gallon Water Storage Racks

    If you have your water delivered, you can definitely benefit from a 5 gallon water bottle storage rack. These racks keep water bottles off the floor, preventing damage to the floors and also giving you easier, more back friendly access to the bottles. Traditional white models are great for the office, and, at home, a more stylish metal rack with decorative designs is a great choice! Choose from 3 bottle racks, 6 bottle racks and even rolling carts!

    Floor Standing Water Coolers

    For the best tasting water, a free standing water cooler can't be beat! We have water coolers from Whynter and more, great for home or office use. Choose from coolers only and coolers with hot water dispensers included.
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