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    Bunk Beds with a Futon and Camping Bunks at Organize-It

    Bunk Beds and Camping Bunks

    Make the most out of small bedroom spaces with the addition of a bunk bed system. Bunk beds allow two people to sleep in the same room while only taking up the square footage of a single bed, allowing you to put the rest of the room to good use. Organize-It carries a wide selection of bunk beds for children and adults so you can easily configure a childs bedroom or college students dorm room into a usable space. Most of our bunk beds can be configured into two individual beds so you can change the layout of the room as your children grow or your storage needs change. The loft beds come in varying materials, colors, and configurations so you are sure to find one that best suits your current space and needs. We sell a few camping bunk beds that are designed for use in the great outdoors so they are easy to collapse, assemble, and store. They are wonderful to have on hand for sleepovers, overnight parties, and during the holidays if you are expecting an overflow of guests.

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