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SHELBY TOWNSHIP, MI - November 13, 2007) - After years of running a popular e-commerce site under the domain, Organize-It has acquired the rights to the more customer friendly 'Typically making a change as big as a new domain name would take time and careful consideration,' said Nick Panas, IT Manager at Organize-It, 'but for us, this one was a no-brainer. It will put an end to a lot of confusion for our customers and make finding our site a whole lot easier.'

Organize-It continues to gain popularity as an online retailer, and with the purchase of can expect a significant increase in traffic even before the holiday shopping season begins. 'The new domain name will allow us to more aggressively market and brand the Organize-It name throughout the e-commerce community,' said Jim Pettinato, Communications Manager of Organize-It. 'We now have a domain name that will become synonymous with the Organize-It name and logo, is easy for customers to remember, and allows us to maximize the potential of our site as we make continued improvements.'

The staff at Organize-It has always made customer relations a top priority, and the new domain name simplifies all means of communication. 'We would often receive feedback about the discrepancy between the company and domain name,' said Pettinato. 'With the new domain in place it is much easier for us to communicate with both our customers and vendors, and the site has become more visible to consumers looking for the innovative storage and organization products we have to offer.'

Online customers who try to visit the old domain name will be seamlessly redirected to Organize-It where they can find the same great products and service. 'Our customers can expect to see a renewed marketing effort and some very attractive special offers as we celebrate the launch of the new domain name,' said Organize-It's General Manager Chris Nylen. 'We are adding new, innovative products to the site every day, and recently posted our 2007 Holiday Sales Catalog as well.'

As an independent retailer, Organize-It opened their doors in 1997, specializing in the sale of storage and organization products of all shapes and sizes. In addition to operating a 9500 square foot retail location in Shelby Township, MI, with a custom closet and office furniture showroom, Organize-It has a popular web site that features thousands of innovative products ranging from kitchen gadgets to intricate shelving systems for closets and garages.

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