About Stacks and Stacks

About Stacks and Stacks

Stacks and Stacks has been a leader and pioneer in offering products to organize and furnish homes, offices, and gardens since 1984. For 30 years Stacks has searched for products to find the best quality at the best prices. Now the site offers over 25,000 items, with many of them shipping for free. Over these many years the Stacks site has established an excellent reputation with both customers as well as the hundreds of vendors we deal with. Thirty years of experience has enabled us to find the most reliable manufacturers and products, which has contributed to the success of the site.

The website originally operated out of Richmond, California but after selling the site to Organize-It now operates from a 25,600 square foot warehouse in suburban Detroit, Michigan.

People used to ask "Why the name Stacks and Stacks"? Well, if you've ever tried to name a business you'll understand the challenge. When the business started, the merchandise mix was exclusively storage and organization products. Back then Stacks had brick and mortar stores, the aisles were packed with crates, boxes, bins, cubes, and the shelves were piled high to the ceilings. Stacks of organizing items was the inspiration, so why not just call our Company - Stacks and Stacks.

Stacks has always taken pride in their accomplishments like high reviews by customers - Stacks consistently receives excellent customer reviews on our site. In 2010 stacksandstacks.com ranked 343 on the Internet Retailer Top 500. This is the list of the 500 largest e-commerce sites in the United States (The Fortune 500 list of our Industry).

While Stacks continued carrying great products and satisifying customers they were not able to maintain the past success. Due primarily to increased on-line competition, Stacks sales began to fall and in March 2014 the company shut its doors and went out of business. Fellow storage and organization retailer Organize-It got wind of the closure and offered to purchase only certain assets from Stacks and Stacks. Those assests included the www.stacksandstacks.com domain, associated blog sites, their website database and email list. The purchase was complete on April 18, 2014.

Fortunately the Stacks and Stacks site will survive. Organize-It worked quickly on a new design and product mix. We were able to launch a new and improved stacksandstacks.com in early May 2014. Organize-It's plans for the Stacks site include improving the product mix while re-focusing on storage and organization products, improving service and continuing to improve the look and feel of the site.

Stacks and Stacks, founded in 1984 in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a nationally recognized internet retailer. Stacksandstacks.com provides the best solutions for storage and organization, furniture, home furnishings for the living room, bedroom, office, kitchen, bathroom, and garage. Choose from over 25,000 stylish, and affordable products for every room of the home.

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